KERES PRO SPORTS MANAGEMENT is an untarnished passion for sports, thriving to provide all necessary services to pro athletes, well established sports specialists or beginners alike, who need to concentrate on 

pursuing their careers without diverting much of their attention towards many complexities within or outside their professions. 

KERES PSM team includes devoted to their specific jobs individuals who are attentive and experienced professionals. Our team supports its clients by arranging club transfer negotiations, contract negotiations, 

immigration matters, accounting, sponsorship deals, retirement planning and other important aspects of their careers.

We constantly maximize our clientele visibility and facilitate inclusion in all events necessary for contract procurement. For younger talents, we organize and sponsor scouting combines, international tryouts, special exposure events. Our quality of service is equal to highest standards and we guarantee all our clients the finest service at all times.

To all our clients: we are immensely proud and deeply honored for having an opportunity to guide your careers to new heights of success!


                                                                                                                                          KERES PRO SPORTS team